Antique Oriental Figurines

The first story I heard is that it was given to her as a gift by the artist that made it, and she believed that the artist had a larger copy of this in a museum in Europe. I’m not sure which one. The other story that I’ve heard is that my great-grandfather, Fenley Hunter, purchased it at an auction in about , and I think that’s the one I tend to believe more because on the bottom it looks like it says “Fen, One is your great-aunt would have to have been pretty old because, in fact, this dates from the early to the midth century. So I don’t think it’s very likely she actually purchased it from the artist. And one of the reasons that we can tell that is by looking at the carving itself. It’s carved of a type of stone called steatite, which we commonly call soapstone. It’s a very soft stone. In fact, this was made in China, and it’s an example of some of the very best quality stone carving from that period, quite different from the type of carving that is done using jades or quartz, so it’s a very different type of artisan who worked in this material.

Chinese Seals

Use our tools to decorate the clay surface or as a maker’s mark chop to identify your work. Tel Company Chop: The Company Chop is usually round in shape and the registered name of the Company is engraved at the bottom of the stamp. The company chop is the most important and powerful chop. Next, cut away the eraser around the design with an X-Acto knife to create a raised stamp.

Seals can be made from soft materials that are relatively easy to carve, such as wood, ivory, soapstone and horn. Harder materials such as bronze, jade, agate.

A Chinese black and white jade, carved snuff bottle with a jadeite stopper dating from the 18th century. The snuff bottle is carved with a boy climbing into a landscape. All measurements are. A Chinese white jade snuff bottle with a jade and metal stopper and spoon. Dating from the 18th century. All measure-.

A Chinese polished agate snuff bottle with a pink stone stopper with a spoon and dating from the 18th century. A Chinese agate snuff bottle dating from the 19th century. The snuff bottle has a jadeite stopper and the body features a guardian lion with an engaged ring on either side. The front and back of the snuff bottles are carved with goldfish on one side and a duck, bamboo, leaves, and fruit on the other.

Dimensions are: 3 inches tall X 2 inches wide.

Chinese SoapStone Carvings

Discussion in ‘ Antique Discussion ‘ started by Mat , Dec 30, Log in or Sign up. Antiques Board. Featured Chinese Soapstone Carving – Age? Here I show another piece of my Chinese collection that I like very much, but of which I am unsure of its actual age.

View A CHINESE SOAPSTONE CARVING OF A MYTHICAL BEAST By Chinese School, 17thcentury; soapstone; 4 in. (10 cm.) wide;. Access.

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Item Status:. View Similar Items View More. Chinese Soapstone Chop Seal with Shoulao.

China, dated to ‘the year WuWu’ – either or Of square shape, the seal face carved in relief with a four-character seal-script inscription. The sloping.

A seal , in an East and Southeast Asian context, is a general name for printing stamps and impressions thereof which are used in lieu of signatures in personal documents, office paperwork, contracts, art, or any item requiring acknowledgement or authorship. In the western world they were traditionally known by traders as chop marks or simply chops. The process started in China and soon spread across East Asia.

China, Japan and Korea currently use a mixture of seals and hand signatures, and, increasingly, electronic signatures. The colloquial name chop , when referring to these kinds of seals, was adapted from the Hindi word chapa and from the Malay word cap [2] , meaning stamp or rubber stamps. In Japan, seals hanko have historically been used to identify individuals involved in government and trading from ancient times.

Soapstone Monkey – Iwazaru

Q I recently helped my friend and neighbor, who is 82 years old, clean up her attic. She became very excited when we found a box that she had not seen in many years. Her father had a job in a warehouse for import and export, and this beautiful vase is something that he brought home as a gift. It is very heavy, and approximately 10 inches tall and 15 inches around.

I cannot find any markings. I hope and pray this vase is valuable.

According to , soapstone was a popular material for Asian figural art. The Japanese clay figurines, known as dogu, date from 10, BCE to holding bottles or vessels, were an important part of Chinese art between

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. Five Chinese carved soapstone figures, detailed in traditional robes and poses. Various tones. Each on a carved stand. Tallest Height Show 7 more like this. Large vintage soapstone walrus with original lable for Canadian Esquimaux Eskimo, height 33 cm.

Jali Soapstone Oil Burner 10cm Blue

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Date c. First half 20th century Description A small Chinese soapstone seated figure of Shoulao. The stone of graded pinkish to.

Description A Chinese Tiger’s Eye incense burner and cover. Carved in the form of a longqui supporting a vase on its back, the stone of varied tones, elaborate hardwood fitted stand. Date 20th century www. A fairly large Chinese cloisonne enamel baluster vase. With an overall floral and foliate pattern on a slightly mottled sage green ground.

Date c. First half 20th century www. Description A small Chinese soapstone seated figure of Shoulao.

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